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This park is great because the people and the dogs are familiar to each other and all get along well. There are no aggressive dogs or dogs that have serious behavioural problems where fights break out. It is comforting to know there is a place where the dogs can play and exercise and not have to worry about injuries. I have seen many incidents at another dog park where pets are injured because of attacks by strange dogs that owners are not supervising.
- anon

My dog, like many others, loves to go to the park. Being a senior & having a dog forces me to get out and walk. I am able to enjoy the outdoors, the people and other dogs in this very friendly environment and it is a very important to the dog owners of the West End. - jb

I have been walking our dog every day at this park for over 2 years. We love it! It is like a bit of paradise in the middle of the suburbs. Our children enjoy exploring in the "enchanted forest" too. There is no other off leash dog park in our community like this. What a shame if we lose it. Every time I enter the park I have a smile. I enjoy the nature, beautiful big tress, the new bird feeders, the Christmas tree dog treats, watching the dogs play and meeting new friends. - pa

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Our dogs get it. They love life and have a knack for making the most of it. They take us on wild rides, sniffing out excitement at every turn, then they'll kick back and remind us to soak in the scenery. If they could tell us what they believe in, we're pretty sure it would boil down to these five things.



Your pet naturally wants to be healthy, just like you. Somehow they just know; good health is essential to a happy life.


Adventure abounds from a romp in the park to hitting the trail, your dog wants to be out exploring anything he can get his paws on. For dogs and humans alike, feeling alive is all about staying active together.


Puppy love is where it all begins, but quickly you and your dog build a relationship uniquely yours. Their unwavering love runs deep, and we're hopelessly addicted to wagging tails and smiling eyes.


The earth is our home. That's why we're doing our part to preserve it for the many generations of animals and humans who will come after us.

Our adventures with our dogs take us on mountain hikes, chilly lake swims, and endless walks on the beach. These outdoor moments remind us just how much we love our planet earth. That's why we work hard to think and act green each and every day, so we can create the kind of world that our pets deserve, and that we want to live in.

Living sustainably is more than an ideal, it's a way of life for everyone who uses the Stittsville Dog Park. When we protect our hiking trails, we're making a commitment to the planet and our pets.


Where our pets are involved, it doesn't get much better than having fun while doing good.


Are you in favour of having the City of Ottawa plan for the creation of an off-leash dog park West of Bruce Pit?

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Agree [ YES ] Off leash dog parks have well documented benefits to dogs, people and society as a whole.  The demand for off leash dog parks is increasing.  We wish the City of Ottawa to acknowledge the need, and identify space and to plan for the creation of an off leash dog park West of Bruce Pit.

Goal is to get as many responses as possible & deliver them to the Councillors in Ward 6, Stittsville, Ward 23, Kanata South, Ward 4, Kanata North, Ward 21, Rideau-Goulbourn, Ward 5, West Carleton-March.










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