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A wonderful use for a hydro easement. - anon

When I moved to Stittsville 27 years ago, the town size was supposed to be capped at 10,000 people. This is no longer the case at all, and I am desperate to have a place (in this situation, it is the dog park) where I can walk and not be bothered with cars, traffic, bikes, etc. It is the one refuge left, in what used to be, a small community. I will be devastated if it is no longer in the community. I walk in this area for at least an hour every day with my dog, and I feel it is a valuable part of my Stittsville. - bk

It would be a shame to lose this area. Many dog breeds cannot be walked on a leash as they are high energy and in need of space to run! I would have to walk my dog for 8 hrs on a leash to get the same benefit of one hour at this dog park. I wish I could buy acreage just so I would have a place for him but this is not an option at this time. I can't imagine what people are going to do if we lose this land.
- nc

This is a wonderful resource that brings many members of our community together - we must ensure this dog park remains part of the Stittsville community for the future. - sp

Safer parking area would be good (if this park is ever developed into a more formal dog park). - anon

Keep the park for our dogs!! We love it. The dogs love it! - dd

I enjoy the diverse terrain that makes up the Stittsville "Dog Park" and the freedom for the dogs to socialize and interact in a natural environment. We are privileged to have the space and freedom to allow our dogs off-lease and it would be sad to lose this privilege and green space to development. - la

So little nature left in Stittsville and a shame to have to drive my dog to an unknown place so he can run free. - so

Great area to bring your dog. Love it! Too much development going on already we have to save some of the nature areas or soon well have nothing left. Save our park. - jl

One of the best dog parks in the city. Way cleaner and well respected than Bruce Pitt. - yb

Unique local area of forest, scrub brush and open space where my dog can run, play and socialize with other dogs. - anon

It is a beautiful, quiet, safe place to walk, exercise & socialize, for both the dogs & people. The joy that my dog emits from its’ mouth as we approach the part is heart warming as well comical! I wouldn't call cutting down this patch of forest progress; there is no good safe places, close to residential housing, for dogs to be off leash.

Having something as beautiful as this in the heart of a community is invaluable, whether you own a dog or not. Let's preserve what is already here, once it is gone there is no bringing it back. - bg

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Located next to the Trans Canada Trail route on Abbot St (& Shea Rd) in Stittsville, ON. This is a fantastic and little gem tucked behind Stittsville where the Trans-Canada trail cuts through wilderness on a beeline to Ashton. Look for the entrances near the large hydro towers.

Thanks to "SG", a regular at the park, who has mapped all the main walking trails through the cedar stand and posted it here.

Features: beautiful walking paths, lots of great open space, forests, streams, red squirrels, birds and birdfeeders, and a decorated "treat - tree".

Parking: street parking.

Ammenities: only nature (no garbage containers, benches, water etc), please remember to always pick up after your dog.


Are you in favour of having the City of Ottawa plan for the creation of an off-leash dog park West of Bruce Pit?

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Agree [ YES ] Off leash dog parks have well documented benefits to dogs, people and society as a whole.  The demand for off leash dog parks is increasing.  We wish the City of Ottawa to acknowledge the need, and identify space and to plan for the creation of an off leash dog park West of Bruce Pit.

Goal is to get as many responses as possible & deliver them to the Councillors in Ward 6, Stittsville, Ward 23, Kanata South, Ward 4, Kanata North, Ward 21, Rideau-Goulbourn, Ward 5, West Carleton-March.










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