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The park (including the trans Canada Trail in front of the park) is now being routinely cleaned up by regulars making it a more enjoyable experience and something our community can be proud of. - bhs

I live in Stittsville and have been walking in this area for 16 years and I have enjoyed meeting dog owners with their pets. Walking a dog is a very therapeutic exercise for you and your four legged pet. It would be very upsetting if the town does nothing to prevent this; or if they cannot prevent then they should find a place to replace it. Housing is important, but Stittsville has grown very quickly and possibly not considering one important thing......listening to the people is time to get help in this situation and not just think of the money making machine. - lm

It is hard to find places that we can walk our dogs off leash. It would be a shame to lose this area completely to housing. Nothing compares to the exercise our dog gets by socializing with other dogs off leash. We were thrilled when we heard of the dog park in Manotick (we try to avoid the overcrowded Bruce Pit) but to get to Manotick on a regular basis isn't feasible. The informal Stittsville Dog Park is a valuable recreational area to the west end. We live in Kanata and make the drive so our dog can socialize with others. If we can't keep a segment of this land for exercising our dogs, then there should be a designated replacement found in or on the outskirts of town. And by replacement we don't mean a fenced in field you walk circles in. - bsa

With 1 in 3 families being dog owners (therefore taxpayers), it would be fantastic to have a formal west end Ottawa off leash park. Comparable properties limited to Bruce Pit And Conroy Pit - both a significant distance away. It has been many years since the NCC designated most of its park trails as 'no dogs allowed' on leash or otherwise. For me, that significantly reduced the enjoyment I had communing with nature whilst providing my dogs with their required exercise. Both the humans and the pups benefit from the socialization off leash parks provide. Given the aging population demographic, it strikes me that more and more people will be looking for more of such places. From a cost perspective, I believe many such folks would be willing to pay a nominal user fee. Very much hope this proposal gets serious consideration at the local government level. - bks

It would be a real shame to lose this park, for both the dogs and the community at large. - anon

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Welcome to the informal Stittsville off-leash Dog Park Community Website

The beautiful fields & trails, woods, streams and nature, are located next to the Trans Canada Trail route and Hydro tower installations on Abbot St (& Shea Rd) in Stittsville, ON. Some, aptly refer to this area as either the "Stittsville Woods", "Shea Forest" or "Stittsville Forest".

News Flash:


Dec. 04, 2020
Developing Story, Episode 3: Cope Drive and Shea Woods

"Cavanagh is starting tree clearing on December 7 in preparation for sewer construction along the future Cope Drive right away. In this episode, Councillor Glen talks about what's involved with the tree cutting, how it's funded, and what the City is doing to protect and preserve Shea Woods."

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"The approved Fernbank Community Design Plan includes a 7-hectare forest proposed to be protected as an Urban Natural Area. However, these lands - known as the Shea Woods - are still owned by the developpers and the City will need to buy the lands back from the developers in order to protect them.

Since the City has already identified the conservation of the Shea Woods as a priority, protecting this forest is something that can realistically be accomplished. All that is needed is a strong voice from the community when the City has to make a decision regarding the purchase of the land, likely in 2015.

For those familiar with these lands, the Shea Woods includes most of the forested area in the lands bordered by Iber, Abbott, Shea and Fernbank. A stand of sugar maple trees to the south east of the Shea Woods is also proposed to remain protected as a neighbourhood park."

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Shea Road Woods Protection Approved at City Council
ON NOVEMBER 10, 2017 by Shad Qadri
full article:

I am thrilled and honoured to share the great news that the motion to purchase and protect a portion of Shea Road Woods in Stittsville was discussed and approved at this week’s City Council meeting.

As a result of the decision, 5.4 hectares of land in the area south of Abbott St East and East of Shea Rd in the Fernbank Community would be acquired by the City. This is great news for the community as the woods are a popular site for many Stittsville residents to walk, play with their dogs and soak in some of the community’s natural beauty. It is important to note that while the future uses will still need to be discussed, it is my intention to ensure the allowance of off-leash dogs in sections of this area is maintained.

Working on retaining this property has been a priority project of mine for quite some time. I understand that with the recent growth of our unique little village, it is important to ensure our large areas of natural environment remain preserved wherever possible.
I would like to thank Mayor Watson and City Staff along with CRT Developments for their support in working with me to protect this important greenspace so that it can continue to be enjoyed by the community, and future generations. I would also like to highlight the following staff – Stephen Willis, John Smit, Nick Stow, James Bowser, Mark Richardson, Kevin Wherry and Jennifer Shepherd – for all of their hard work on this file as well as Councillor and Planning Committee Chair Jan Harder for providing her support.

Last but certainly now least, I would like to thank all residents for their incredible support of this very important item; it is great to see all of the hard work of the committed team of staff finally come to fruition. I look forward to sharing more news with the community as it is released.


Darlene C. as she treats the dogs after their walk in the Stittsville Dog Park





"It occurs to us that pets provide a significant contribution to the tax base in our city, when you consider all of the businesses that support pet ownership: four pet store chains plus the independents; pet products in many other grocery and department stores; veterinarians; groomers; dog day care and boarding businesses; dog trainers; agility training ; dog coat business, etc. As well, we all pay annual license fees for our dogs.

More subjective are the health benefits of owning a dog(s) and walking them daily. One cannot begin to calculate the future savings in health care. There is a sense of community that develops around pets. Who else do you see out 365 days a year in all weather? - Dog owners!!

I would really like to see a study done on the contribution of dog ownership to our local economy similar to the one done on that of the Sens. I firmly believe that dog ownership contributes in a very substantial way to our lives and our economy and therefore we need and deserve, as taxpayers, places where dogs can be walked off leash. The Stittsville Park is a gem, and it would be heartbreaking not to preserve a part of it." - ja & ma



"Please preserve this off leash dog park. Not only do I and my friends enjoy the walks, but our dogs love it. It is a great place for our dogs to socialize, but it is also a great place for families to socialize and teach our children the joy of having a dog and how important exercise is. We can also teach our children about nature and enjoy how the whole community comes together to protect this unique area and to have family time with our dogs.

It shows the kindness of individuals who made bird feeders, supply winter feed for the birds and squirrels, and help to take care of our wildlife. To see the cookie tree decorated for Christmas and everyone taking turns to fill the jar with dog treats helps to show the generosity and kindness of the people who use this area. I remember my first visit and felt like I was walking through a winter wonderland.

Please keep this area not just for our dogs, but for our families. It is truly the best dog park I have ever taken my pets to. This will be a lasting memory for us all. Let's not allow our favorite place in Stittsville to disappear. Let us keep building memories and having fun with our families and friends in Stittsville."
- ma


It is a GREEN SPACE for all to respect and enjoy. It connects with the Trans Canada Trail and all users. An off-leash park gives pets a healthy exercise place and they can safely run free and provides an environment and opportunity to properly socialize with people and other dogs.

The earth is our home, a true privilege. That's why we're doing our part to preserve it for the many generations of animals and humans who will come after us.

Our adventures with our dogs take us on mountain hikes, chilly lake swims, and endless walks on the beach. These outdoor moments remind us just how much we love our planet earth. That's why we work hard to think and act green each and every day, so we can create the kind of world that our pets deserve, and that we want to live in.

Living sustainably is more than an ideal, it's a way of life for everyone who uses the Stittsville Dog Park. When we protect our hiking trails, we're making a commitment to the planet and our pets.


"Please don't take away this natural space. This is a gem in Stittsville - the woods are absolutely beautiful to walk through. This is where I have brought my daughter since she was two and she has learned so much about nature. Now she has such a love for Mother Earth and the natural things that we see at the park.

It provides us with great exercise and fresh air. It's spiritually and emotionally grounding, and allows us to decompress from the crazy pace of life. My husband, myself, our daughter, and of course our sweet dog come here for wonderful family time whenever we can.

There's no better park than this one for a happy, healthy, well socialized dog. Our dog loves her off leash runs at this park - I don't know what we would do without it. This park benefits so many families it would be unforgivable not to keep it alive." - sk



Calvin's Story


The Trans Canada Trail was initiated in 1992 as a project to celebrate Canada’s 125th year, the Trans Canada Trail is one of the world's longest networks of multi-use recreational trails. Once fully connected, it will stretch nearly 24,000 kilometres from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic oceans, through every province and territory, linking nearly 1,000 communities and all Canadians to provide the following benefits:

National Legacy: creating a sustainable gift to future generations.
Health: inspiring active living and transportation.
Environment: preserving green space and promoting conservation.
Education: deepening awareness of Canada's history, culture and natural heritage.
Economic Development: stimulating tourism and creating jobs.

The Trans Canada Trail is a community-based project. Trail sections are owned, operated and maintained by local organizations, provincial authorities, national agencies and municipalities across Canada. The Trans Canada Trail does not own or operate any trail.

[ X ] YES, I use the informal off-leash dog park on Abbot St (& Shea Rd), and find it a unique and valuable natural community resource, and would you like to see it officially defined and preserved by the City of Ottawa as we face future commercial & residential development in this immediate area.

Our "informal petition" was received by City Council and listed as information under “Communications” on the Council agenda of May 14, 2014. Click here to read Petition comments left.

A group of us (dog walkers) contacted Councillor Shad Qadri and met with him at his office in the Goulbourn Recreation Complex on May 16th, 2014. Here is a summary of the information we received:



- The area where we currently walk our dogs is part of the City of Ottawa "Fernbank Community Development Plan" residential development project, which will most likely break ground in the next few years. (preceded by a large sign on site, with a date council invites final public input)

- The hydro corridor will remain and may be available for dog walking after development.

- A section of the forest, known as the "Shea Woods", has been identified by the City of Ottawa Planning Committee as an "Urban Natural Feature" in September 2013. This means future councils may find the means to purchase it from the current owners to be retained for the enjoyment of future generations.

- To fund the purchase, future City Councils may earmark development fees from the surrounding homes being built.

- There are currently no plans for the City to create any new off leash dog parks but if/when the City does purchase the "Shea Woods" it may consult with citizens to decide how the property will be used.

- Councillor Qadri has suggested the current "Bell Memorial Park" may possibly be a future alternative site to be fenced in, with the permission of the Bell family, to become an off leash area. This site is bordered by Fernbank, Cherry, Stittsville Main St. and Brigade. It has a small existing parking lot, a crushed gravel trail and a cleared area within its boundaries.

- However, on June 26th, Councillor Qadri advised us that there is currently a proposal the City is considering, by the Rotary Club to develop a Peace Park at Bell Memorial Park which would consist of new decorative features and landscaping. Given this current proposal by the Rotary Club this site would no longer be suitable for an off-leash dog park.


Therefore, we have created a new Formal Petition:

A list of the Wards West of Bells Corners. (Bruce Pit is just below the number 8 ) See city ward map. . They are:

Urban Wards:
Ward 6, Stittsville
Ward 23, Kanata South
Ward 4, Kanata North

Rural Wards that are very expansive, but parts do surround/touch Ward 6:
Ward 21, Rideau-Goulbourn
Ward 5, West Carleton-March


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Agree [ YES ] Off leash dog parks have well documented benefits to dogs, people and society as a whole.  The demand for off leash dog parks is increasing.  We wish the City of Ottawa to acknowledge the need, and identify space and to plan for the creation of an off leash dog park West of Bruce Pit.

Goal is to get as many responses as possible & deliver them to the Councillors in Ward 6, Stittsville, Ward 23, Kanata South, Ward 4, Kanata North, Ward 21, Rideau-Goulbourn, Ward 5, West Carleton-March.













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